Redistricting in Pennsylvania

Measuring partisanship in Pennsylvania’s Congressional district maps

Late ballot swings in Seattle's Democratic presidential primary

A little overdue, but I finally took the time to dig into some local primary results after Washington voted on March 10th. While working on the Shaun Scott campaign I learned that Seattle election results can swing wildly after election night thanks to King County’s vote-by-mail system. Last fall, late ballots swung decisively toward the progressive candidates for city council in both the primary and general elections, and while our campaign came a few points short in D4, we closed the gap considerably after all votes were counted.

Presidential election shifts, 2000-2016

Back when I was in the DCL, some of my favorite assignments involved recreating graphics from The Upshot at the The New York Times. I was working on some post-primary analysis for the Shaun Scott campaign recently when I recalled a graphic from 2016 that compared county-level election results between the 2016 and 2012 presidential races. I like this style of electoral map because it draws the viewer’s attention to the change taking place on election night, and it indicates which direction the country is headed at a glance.

Policing trends in San Francisco

EDA of SF Police Department incident data

Four years on the farm

A quick analysis of my time at Stanford